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Below you will find the current class schedules for DIXIE'S classes 
At the bottom of the page you will find your link to an enrollment form.

This page was last updated on 12/12/09

2010  Class/ Event  Schedule

Schedule subject to change.
Date and time will be confirmed upon receipt of enrollment

Month Start Date Day Class Time
                                           date and times subject to change
2010  -  Classes
Jan 10 Sunday Beginning Agility 3 pm
Jan 11 Monday KPT - puppy 7 pm
Jan 13 Wednesday Beginners Obedience 7 pm
Feb 22 Monday KPT - puppy 8 pm
Mar 22 Monday KPT - puppy 7 pm
Apr 19 Monday KPT - puppy 8 pm
June 7 Monday KPT - puppy 7 pm


ongoing Saturday* Freestyle sessions* 6:00 pm
starting Jan 10 Sunday agility open practice 1 pm

* This is a drop-in session focusing on moves.  Contact Jane at jane@dixiesanimaltraining.org  for details.

     SCHEDULE is subject to change.  Date and time will be confirmed upon receipt of enrollment.

2010 - EVENTS
March 13 Sat Herding Instinct Test 3 pm
May 22-23 Sat/Sun AHBA Test and Trial
HCT, JHD, HRD, HTAD, instinct test
all day

Please jot down the date of the KPT , Beginner, Competition, Freestyle or Agility class
you would like to enroll in and then
click here.

To enroll in one of the events/seminars,

please call to receive registration information - (918) 371-6959.



(918) 371-MYK9