"Gentle Methods Produce Positive Results"

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Private Lessons and Behavior Consultations

At DIXIE'S Animal Training, group classes are not your only option for training!

·        DIXIE’S private classes are available at our convenient, fully-equipped Owasso location. Our professional trainers, Jane Wittstock and Terri Wilson, are available to teach your dog any of the many classes we offer in a private session. Our DIXIE’S private training sessions may be just what you need to help you and your dog. Cost: $25 per hour.

·        At Home private lessons are also available. Terri will come to your location to help you train your dog. If you are on a tight schedule and don’t have time to drive to Owasso, our At Home service may be the answer to your needs. Cost: $40 per hour.

·        “Doggie Camp” is a third option for your dog’s-training. With Doggie Camp, your dog with be boarded in a clean, safe, private kennel at either Jane or Terri’s personal facilities. Your dog will receive approximately an hour (depending on the individual dog) of intensive training a day, plus time to run and play. Owners  provide the food that the dog eats at home. Cost: $25 per training hour, plus board. (Boarding price depends on size of dog.)

Please note: Rabies certificate must be shown at first private session. Additionally, no grooming services are provided, and your dog must be clean and parasite-free at the time of class.


Private Training for Troubled Dogs

Jane Wittstock and Terri Wilson are also available for private behavioral consultations to help you solve your dog’s behavioral problems. Some of the problems they have treated include:

·        Shyness

·        Fear of sounds or new places

·        Hyper-excitability

·        Fence fighting

·        Digging

·        Climbing

·        Submissive urination or other housebreaking problems

·        Aggression

·        Anxiety

Behaviorally troubled dogs may be trained in any of the three environments given above: DIXIE’S, At Home, or Doggie Camp. The fee for these private lessons is based on the type of behavioral problem and the specific needs of the dog.

Please contact Jane or Terri if you have a dog with behavioral problems. Of all the types of training that DIXIE’S provides, we find this to be one of the most rewarding because we are helping to insure that you and your pet develop a deep relationship and enjoy a long happy life together.  There is nothing more heartbreaking than to see a dog lose a wonderful home because of a behavior problem that could be resolved.


Private Training for Service Dogs

Private training for Service Dogs may also be given at DIXIE’S, At Home or in Doggie Camp. Trainer Terri Wilson has had many years of experience in working with Service Dogs, including Dogs for the Disabled, Hearing Ear Dogs, and Mobility Assistance Dogs. Her private lessons cover everything from beginning training to completion of necessary skills. She also provides follow up training when additional skills are needed by the Service Dog.

If you or your friend or loved one has the need for the skills of a trained Service Dog, DIXIE’S can help. The fee depends on the specific needs of the owner. Please contact Terri or Jane for more information.




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