"Gentle Methods Produce Positive Results"

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Agility is a sport for all dogs -- purebred or mix, pet or competition, large or small, young or old.

In Agility, your dog learns to run a course which includes such activities as:

·        Going through tunnels

·        Jumping a variety of obstacles

·        Climbing

·        Walking on planks

·        Walking across moving obstacles

·        Weaving through a series of poles

Agility builds dogs’ confidence, stimulates their minds, strengthens their bodies, and enhances their enjoyment of life.

Here at DIXIE'S, Agility is taught positively and safely using the "click and treat" method and targeting. Additionally, Agility classes are designed to maximize your dog's safety and prevent injury.

All Agility classes are 7 weeks long and cost is $75 per class.

Beginner Agility

In Beginner Agility, we will introduce the standard American Kennel Club (AKC) and United Kennel Club (UKC) Agility equipment plus some basic handling skills.  It is designed for fun and lays the groundwork for future competition.

Prerequisite: None. However, it will help if your dog can sit and down on command, walk calmly on leash, and has a reliable recall.  

Competition Agility

picks up where Beginner Agility left off:

·        Working on the different obstacles

·        Putting the obstacles into sequences. 

Prerequisite: Beginner Agility. For dogs that have already started agility training, each handler/dog team will be evaluated and the appropriate class will be determined.

DIXIE’S also offers several other services that will allow you and your dog to practice your new Agility skills.  

·        OPEN PRACTICESunday evenings.  Our Agility field is open for anyone with prior Agility training who would like to practice on DIXIE’S equipment.   No harsh corrections or training collars are allowed. The courses will be typical AKC courses, but some UKC equipment is also available.  The surface is sand over dirt. Field is available for 1 hour and the fee is $5.00.

·        PRIVATE AGILITY COACHING for those looking for more specific training or having a particular problem and need assistance.  $25/hour.



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