"Gentle Methods Produce Positive Results"

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Terri Wilson

DIXIE'S Instructor for

Good Manners
Obedience & Rally
Behavior Consultations

I grew up around animals and loved them all -- but developed a special interest in dogs at a very young age.  All of my childhood dogs knew many tricks, and I can't remember a time when I didn't have at least one dog as my constant companion. When I left high school, I joined the Army and applied for the K9 corp, but at that time they didn't allow women.  The very first thing I did after moving off base into my own house was to get two dogs, a German Shepherd and an Irish Setter, and enroll in obedience classes.

That was 1972 and I have been involved in dog training ever since.

My methods are very gentle and rely heavily on behavior modification techniques and "clicker" training. I've taught many students with many different breeds to compete successfully in obedience, rally, tracking, herding and agility. Iíve also helped many other students to develop wonderful relationships with their pets, resolving various behavioral problems along the way.  I've successfully helped dogs who suffered from problems such as shyness, fearfulness, fear aggression, dog aggression, nervousness, separation anxiety and many other debilitating issues. 

I started teaching people how to train their dogs in 1980, including beginner through advanced obedience and rally, behavior modification, conformation handling, tracking, agility and sheep herding.  In 1985, I became a professional trainer at Triangle Training Center, Raleigh, North Carolina. In 1991, I opened my own boarding and training facility in the Raleigh/Durham area. In 2001, after moving to Oklahoma, I continued training in the Morrison, Ponca City and Tulsa areas. In 2009, I added boarding to my training facility to allow intensive on-site training for dogs of all breeds and ages.

With my own dogs Ė of which Iíve had many over the years -- I've personally put many advanced obedience and herding titles. I owner-handled my first conformation dog to her Championship and Best of Breed wins, as well as putting Championship points on many other dogs.  My dogs and I have also been active in dog sports since 1972. These amazing companions have taught me so much about how special the bond between animal and human can be.

Because of my special interest in sheep herding, I have been an American Herding Breed Association (AHBA) judge since 1992 and an American Kennel Club (AKC) judge since 1995.

For more information about Terri and her dogs, please visit her web page - www.willowacres.com



(918) 371-MYK9